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The hands and wrists contain dozens of joints, many of them very small in size. The joints in the fingers may be small, but they can be painful and restrict movement if they have inflammation from arthritis or other conditions. If you have pain and stiffness in your hand joints, injection therapy may offer you relief. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health offer small joint injections at our medical facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Arthritis is the most common cause of joint pain. Injuries, wear, aging and genetic factors can all contribute to osteoarthritis that can affect the many small joints in the hands and wrist. There are also over 100 different types of arthritis which can contribute to inflammation in the various joints in the body. One of the most effective interventional treatments and diagnostic tools for joint pain are steroid injections. Due to the intricate size of joints in the hand, it is vital to have an experienced pain specialist perform your injections.

Pain Relief for Hand Joints

If you have pain in your fingers or hand joints, injection therapy can help diagnose your condition and provide relief. Steroid injections contain both a numbing agent and a corticosteroid to offer relief for your hand or finger pain. The anesthetic can provide immediate relief, which can be used as a diagnostic tool to ensure the injection is correctly placed. While the aesthetic will wear off in a few hours, the steroid will begin reducing inflammation to provide longer pain relief over the days following treatment.

Small joint injections require advanced imaging to ensure they are placed in the exact position needed. Our state-of-the-art medical center in Los Angeles utilizes x-rays, ultrasounds and fluoroscopes as needed to guide injections for accuracy and safety.

Joint pain in the hands, fingers and wrists can be caused by inflammation that restricts joint movement. If you have stiff or painful joints in your hands, contact our team at DOCS Health. We offer small joint injections for the hands and fingers at our medical center in Beverly Hills, CA. Contact our facility today to schedule your hand pain consultation.