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DOCS Surgical Hospital Los Angeles, CA

The talented team of physicians at DOCS Health in Los Angeles is pleased to announce the construction of the new DOCS Surgical Hospital. This state-of-the-art specialty hospital will be unlike any other surgery center worldwide. We will provide our patients with a sterile, safe environment – free of patients who are seeking general (non-spine or orthopedic) care.

This specialty surgical hospital will be dedicated to spine neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery and is slated to begin construction in 2022 with a projected opening date in 2024. Our team of DOCS Health neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and pain management/rehab specialists will enjoy the most advanced equipment and working environment available anywhere in the world.

View the artist’s renderings of the completed facility below.

The Most Advanced Neurosurgical and Orthopedic Patient Care Available

The new DOCS Surgical Hospital will feature the most advanced patient care amenities and technology, allowing our medical team to provide unparalleled surgical and rehabilitative care in a modern, sterile and comfortable environment. The new facility will include:

  • 4 State-of-the-Art Operating Theaters
  • 17 Inpatient Suites
  • An Imaging Center featuring state-of-the-art MRI, CT, and X-Ray technology
  • A rooftop healing garden

This unique healing facility will be unlike any other hospital in the world, providing everything our team needs to facilitate superior neurosurgical, orthopedic and rehabilitative care for our patients.

For more information about the new DOCS Surgical Hospital, scheduled for opening in 2024, please call us at 424-800-3627. We also recommend bookmarking this page and returning often for periodic construction and grand opening updates.

Crisis Care Guidelines

Like other hospitals across the state, DOCS Surgical Hospital is preparing for to manage care in time of crisis. We have joined several other hospitals in Los Angeles County and have chosen to adopt the California Department of Public Health’s Crisis Care Guidelines to help inform our planning moving forward. These guidelines will provide a framework for the decisions we will make when using our critical care resources.

DOCS Surgical Hospital has been serving the community since 2019 and it is our continued mission to provide high quality compassionate care to our patients and support to their loved ones. We remain committed to doing everything in our power to support our community during its hour of greatest need.