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The cervical portion of the spine contains the first seven vertebrae, which protect the spinal cord in the neck. Due to its vulnerable location, constant movement and other stress factors, the cervical spine is a common area for chronic pain conditions. Injuries, degenerative disease and repeated stress to the cervical spine can result in neck and nerve pain. At DOCS Health, we offer interventional pain management for cervical disorders, including cervical injections.

There are many cervical conditions that cause chronic pain. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health always explore conservative treatments like injections for our patients before considering more invasive options. Injections can be used to go directly to the problem area within the cervical spine and provide medication or other treatment to relieve pain at the source. We utilize cutting-edge medical technology to ensure each injection is precisely placed for safety and effectiveness.

Types of Cervical Pain Injections

The type of injection used for cervical spine conditions varies from nerve blocks to stop pain signals to the brain to steroid injections to relieve inflammation. Fluoroscopy, or imaging, is used to direct the needle to the exact position to deliver the needed treatment. Cervical injections are minimally invasive and usually require little or no downtime after the procedure. Our types of cervical injections include:

For many of our patients, cervical injections can provide lasting relief from chronic pain. Depending on the treatment, some injection therapy is only needed once, while others may need to be repeated to maintain results. In most cases, cervical injections are paired with other treatments that can help maximize the effectiveness and achieve the highest level of pain management.

Injection therapies are an effective option to provide pain relief directly at the source. If you have cervical conditions like pinched nerves or spondylosis, you may be a good candidate for cervical injections to relieve your pain and other symptoms. To learn more about our interventional pain management options, contact us at DOCS Health in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule an appointment.