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The tailbone, or coccyx, can be a source of pain, making it very uncomfortable to sit for any period of time. There are many different injuries and conditions that can cause coccyx pain, including degenerative disease, trauma, infection, sprains or tumors that can aggravate the nerve roots in the coccyx region. At DOCS Health, we offer coccyx injection treatment to diagnose and relieve tailbone pain at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

Coccyx, or tailbone, pain can make it hard to drive, work or participate in many activities. Riding a bike can be excruciating when the nerves around the coccyx are under pressure. Injection therapy can be an option to isolate the nerve roots that are causing pain, or to relieve inflammation in the epidural space around the nerves. Caudal epidural steroid injections can provide relief for tailbone pain, as well as nerve block injections for the ganglion impar with a local anesthetic.

Relief for Tailbone Pain

When conservative pain management treatments like topical creams or tailbone cushions are ineffective for relieving coccyx pain, injection therapy may be a solution. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health can perform a thorough examination and imaging to determine if a coccyx injection may offer relief. Depending on the condition causing pain, a steroid epidural injection or a nerve block may be recommended into the sacrococcygeal junction or caudal epidural space.

Coccyx injections are performed with fluoroscopic guidance at our medical facility. The patient lies on their stomach while x-rays guide the needle to the exact position to deliver the steroid or anesthetic. Nerve blocks with lidocaine or other anesthetics can provide immediate relief in some cases. Steroid injections may also include anesthetic for immediate relief, with steroid anti-inflammatory effects taking 2-3 days for results. The treatment is minimally-invasive with very little downtime needed. Most patients can return to normal activities within a day after their treatment.

If you have ongoing tailbone pain and want to explore treatment options, contact our team at DOCS Health. We offer interventional pain management solutions, including coccyx injections. Contact our office in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a tailbone pain consultation.