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The rotator cuffs in the shoulders are a configuration of tendons that allow the large range of motion that is capable from the arm and shoulder. However, the rotator cuff is uniquely positioned, and any inflammation in the tendons or bursae can cause pain and mobility restrictions. If you have a rotator cuff tear or other sources of inflammation, interventional treatment directly in the shoulder can offer relief. DOCS Health offers rotator cuff injection treatment at our facility in Los Angeles.

There are many causes of inflammation in the shoulder, including rotator cuff injuries and bursitis. The rotator cuff muscles and tendons attach to the humerus and shoulder, providing the ability to rotate the arm in a 180-degree motion. The bursae in the shoulders provide cushion between the muscles, tendons and bone. When injuries occur to the shoulder from trauma or repetitive damage, inflammation can restrict the shoulder movement and result in shoulder pain.

Rotator cuff injections can be useful for reducing inflammation or providing regenerative factors for healing. Rotator cuff tears or tendonitis can respond well to steroid injections to relieve inflammation. Orthobiologic injections into the rotator cuff can aid in tissue repair and healing, which may help prevent the need for surgical treatment.

Shoulder Bursitis Injections

The bursae in the shoulder provide cushioning to allow the many soft tissues and bones to move without friction. When there is injury to the bursa or other components, swelling of the bursa can occur, restricting movement. Shoulder bursitis can be painful and affect arm mobility. Steroid injections for shoulder bursitis can be used for diagnosis and treatment, offering relief for shoulder pain.

Steroid injections for rotator cuff or bursitis pain are an effective interventional treatment. The injections contain a steroid and anesthetic medication, which can give immediate and long-term relief. The treatment is minimally invasive, requiring very little downtime or discomfort.

If you have shoulder pain from a rotator cuff injury or bursitis, injection therapy can be a viable treatment option. To learn more about bursitis or rotator cuff injections, contact our multidisciplinary pain management team at DOCS Health in Los Angeles to schedule a shoulder injection treatment or consultation.