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Neck pain can be debilitating, making it difficult to concentrate or perform even simple tasks. The cervical spine and surrounding nerves can be affected by a variety of conditions that can result in neck pain. At DOCS Health, we have a team of neurologists and spine specialists that can perform advanced diagnostics and neck pain treatment at our medical center in Los Angeles.

The cervical spine is a common source of pain for many people. While neck pain can be derived from osteoarthritis of the spine, herniated discs or vertebrae fractures, it is often a pinched nerve or neurosurgical source that is causing pain. While some spine surgeons focus on the structural causes of neck and spine pain, our neuro-spine surgeon surgeons consider both neurosurgical and structural conditions that can impact the cervical spine.

Causes and Symptoms of Neurosurgical Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is usually more than just a tight muscle or soft tissue injury. Sometimes the source of pain is compressed or damaged nerves, requiring the expertise of a neurosurgeon to determine the source of pain. Neurosurgical neck pain can be caused by stenosis, osteoarthritis, spinal tumors, spinal infections, cervical radiculopathy or other spinal issues.

Neurosurgical neck pain can differ in the symptoms it produces. Neck pain may be neurosurgical in nature if you have the following symptoms:

  • Neck pain that radiates down the arm
  • Numbness or weakness that affects the arm or hand
  • Neck pain that worsens at night
  • Accompanied by difficulty breathing or swallowing

If you have neurosurgical neck pain, it is important to see a neurosurgeon for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Our neuro-spine surgeon surgeons can perform advanced diagnostic testing and imaging to uncover the source of neck pain. We focus on conservative and non-invasive treatment methods to relieve pain, only recommending surgery if other treatments are ineffective.

If you suffer from neck pain, it could be caused by neurosurgical or spinal conditions. At DOCS Health, we offer both specialties under one roof. Contact us to schedule a neck pain consultation with one of the neuro-spine surgeon specialists at our clinic in Los Angeles.