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Steroid injections are used for relieving inflammation and other irritation in the joints. The shoulder has two joints that can have arthritis, tendonitis or other inflammatory conditions that cause pain and mobility issues. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health offer interventional pain management options that are minimally invasive for our patients. If you need shoulder joint steroid injection treatment in Los Angeles, come see our experts for shoulder pain relief.

The shoulder has many possible tissues that can be affected by inflammation from injuries, degenerative conditions or other factors. Tendons, ligaments, labrum, cartilage, bursa and other tissues that are damaged in the shoulder may result in inflammation, causing pain and limiting the range of motion.

Steroid injections are effective for relieving inflammation in specific areas in the shoulder joints. Whether a bursa is inflamed or there is a rotator cuff injury, you may experience localized or radiating pain that can be relieved by steroid injections. The procedure is minimally invasive and may give you relief from your shoulder pain condition.

Interventional Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder joint steroid injections are an interventional treatment that goes directly to the source of pain. Our orthopedic specialists use advanced images and x-rays to precisely deliver steroid medication to the damaged shoulder tissue with an injection. The procedure is minimally invasive, offering both diagnostic and pain relief benefits.

Shoulder steroid injections contain an anesthetic medication and steroid. The numbing agent can provide immediate relief from shoulder pain, indicating the injection was performed in the correct area. While the anesthetic will wear off in a few hours, the steroid medication will start relieving inflammation in a few days, which often provides pain relief for months or even longer. Patients will have minimal downtime after their injection treatment, and most will be able to return to normal activities by the next day.

If you have shoulder pain caused by nerve irritation or inflammation, you may benefit from a shoulder joint steroid injection. To learn more about our interventional pain treatment options, contact us at DOCS Health. We can schedule a shoulder pain consultation at our medical facility in Los Angeles, CA, to discuss the best treatment plan for your condition.