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Athletic Techniques That Can Result in Bicep Tears Los Angeles, CA
Shoulder Pain

The bicep is attached to the shoulder with two tendons. Additionally, the distal tendon is connected to the elbow via the radius bone. Athletes work the bicep when performing lifting or turning actions. Tears may occur due to overextension or when too much force is used during movement of the elbow and arm.

At our medical offices in Los Angeles, DOCS Health offers effective treatment for partial or complete bicep tears. This type of injury typically occurs near the shoulder or elbow where tendons connect. Although you may be able to continue using the injured arm, symptoms will alert you to a problem.

Bicep Tear Symptoms

Most sufferers of bicep tears experience a popping sensation at point of injury. You will likely notice limitations in movement, pain, swelling and bruising. Bulging in the bicep can also occur due to the affected tendon recoiling. Do not ignore these symptoms. Reach out to DOCS Health for a consultation today.

A partial bicep tear is less common than a complete tear. Rapid treatment is recommended, as the tear will begin to heal in place. At DOCS Health, we provide access to specialist orthopedic surgeons who can repair the damage to your bicep in Los Angeles.

Weightlifters put incredible stress on muscles and tendons in the body. The bicep and connective tissues are especially at risk when lifting heavy weights. As the elbow straightens, tears can occur. Participants in this type of sport are renowned for their endurance. This often leads to ignoring injuries and powering through the pain.

If you notice the symptoms of a potential bicep tear, do not continue weightlifting activities. Seek an exam in Los Angeles at DOCS Health. We can get you back to competition, fully healed and ready to take on new challenges.

Baseball Players
Baseball has long been known as America’s favorite pastime. No matter what position you play, there is a risk of suffering bicep tears. The elbows play a major role in most baseball techniques. Too much strain can cause tears, which will leave you in pain and unable to compete.

Reattachment of the distal tendon will repair the damage to a torn bicep. It is important to take the time to fully recover before you return to the field. If you want to ensure that your baseball career does not end prematurely, call DOCS Health today for an appointment.

Mixed Martial Artists
Mixed martial arts is a dangerous sport that involves mastery of multiple disciplines. Punching, wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu techniques are extremely strenuous. The elbow is often extended beyond the elasticity of tendons. Competitors will experience a range of injuries in these positions, including bicep tears at the elbow.

MMA fighters can tap-out when the elbow is overextended, thus ending the fight. The referee can also step in if the fighter suffers a noticeable injury. However, bicep tears can happen quickly and without any prior warning. Put your pride aside and pursue treatment with recommendations from DOCS Health.

The arms are used extensively in tennis. Bending and straightening the elbow are repetitive actions that can result in a range of injuries. When you feel a pop in your bicep, followed by painful and movement-limiting symptoms, you may have a torn bicep. This doesn’t have to become a career ending injury. Treatment is available from DOCS Health, Los Angeles.

If you have suffered a suspected bicep tear at the elbow, rapid treatment is necessary to prevent further damage. Most athletes recover and are able to continue enjoying their chosen sport. Call the LA offices of DOCS Health today for diagnosis and treatment options for a partial or complete bicep tear.

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