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Benefits of Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement Los Angeles, CA
A doctor and a patient suffering from chronic knee pain.

The hip and knee are the most common joints to need replacement. Decades of wear, tear, injury and disease can deteriorate the cartilage and joint components, resulting in pain and dysfunction. Replacing some or all the joint components can relieve pain and improve the mobility for patients. One of the advancements in hip and knee replacement surgery is the use of robotic technology, which we utilize at DOCS Health in Los Angeles.

Joint replacements are designed to remove damaged tissue and restore the natural movement. Both hip and knee replacement procedures are used to connect bones and restore the joint mobility with a medical device. The artificial joint is attached to the bones and ligaments and functions similarly to the natural components, but without the friction and discomfort.

Joint replacement surgeries have been performed since the 1960s, but they have come a long way in the last 60 years. Many hip and knee replacement procedures are now performed with the assistance of robotic technology, which increases the safety for the patient and offers many other advantages.

What Is Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgery began its upward spiral in the 1990s. The goal with robotic surgery is to improve the precision and accuracy of the surgeon using robotic instruments and advanced software. Over three decades, the technology for robotic surgery has evolved and it is now considered the ideal option for complex procedures such as hip and knee replacement.

Robotic surgery is not performed by a robot. Every movement is controlled by the surgeon, but from a console. The surgeon guides the robotic arms and instruments, viewing the surgery on a high-definition monitor. The 3D imaging and software map the patient’s joint to ensure precise placement of each component. Robotics allows for meticulous, repetitive movements that can be difficult or impossible for the human hand.

Advantages of Robotics Over Traditional Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons that perform joint replacement surgery using robotics can offer an improved experience for their patients. There are several advantages of robotic hip and knee replacement over traditional surgery. Although joint replacement has been performed using laparoscopic techniques for many years, robotics takes this even further to improve the safety and decrease the risks for patients. Benefits of robotic joint replacement procedures include:

  • Smaller incisions – The small instruments used by robotic arms can access the joint through much smaller incisions. This means smaller scars and less tissue damage for the patient.
  • Improve accuracy in device placement – Robotics allows for improved precision and accuracy when connecting the joint replacement. This can improve function and comfort for the patient after surgery.
  • Reduced hospital stays – Robotic hip and knee replacement patients tend to have shorter hospital stays than traditional surgery patients.
  • Reduced recovery time – Patients with robotic-assisted joint replacements heal quicker and recover faster from their procedure than traditional surgery patients. There is less post-procedure pain and improved mobility.

Robotics has transformed many orthopedic, spine and general surgery procedures. For hip and knee replacement surgery, robotics can shorten hospital stays and recovery time while increasing the success rate and lifespan of the replacement joint. There are many upsides to using robotics and virtually no disadvantages when performed by a qualified surgeon.

At DOCS Health, we have invested in robotic training and equipment to offer the most advanced surgical options for our patients. Our hip and knee replacement procedures can be performed using robotic technology by our highly experienced orthopedic surgery team. To learn more about our joint replacement procedures and our robotic surgery options, contact our medical center in Los Angeles, CA. Call our office today to book your orthopedic consultation.

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