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Robotic Spine Surgery Changes Everything You Think You Know About Spine Surgery Los Angeles, CA
Back and Spine Pain

It’s true. If you, or someone you love, has ever faced spine surgery, you know it can be daunting. It’s your spine, with all those nerves that operate nearly everything. If you weren’t concerned, you wouldn’t be very involved in your health care. Learn more about robotic spine surgery and see how it transforms spine surgery.

The 1-2-3 of Robotic Spine Surgery

  1. The ability to track every move the surgeon and the robotic arms make is enough reason to see the incredible potential of this technology.
  2. With robotic spine surgery, implants and screws will be guided by GPS positioning specific to your anatomy. As a result, precision takes on a whole new level.
  3. Your surgery time, recovery time, incision size and more are all lessened with robotic spine surgery. Because of the technology, a much smaller incision is needed. That leads to fewer infections, faster healing and quicker recovery.

The Most-Used Technology in Robotic Spine Surgery

There are several brands and models of robotic spine surgery software and hardware. Two of the most often chosen by spine surgeons are the Mazor X and the Excelsius GPS robotic spine surgery software and hardware packages. Any spine or orthopedic facility with one of these incredible technologies has a great advantage over other facilities due to the incredible patient outcomes. However, only a few facilities throughout the world have both. DOCS Health is one of these exclusive facilities.

The Mazor X (Medtronic)

The Mazor X Robot for Spine Surgery was the first and is still consistently ranked at the top of rating lists for the industry. They got it right the first time, and the patient benefits are immense. This cutting-edge tool combines technology and an expert in the surgical field into a powerful change in the realm of spinal surgery. Rather than a long surgery with a large incision, elevated risk of infection and a long, painful recovery, patients experience freedom from pain and range of motion much sooner.

The Mazor X remains the most precise placement of screws used in surgeries to repair an issue or implant support. Many times, ratings come in at 100% accuracy.

Excelsius GPS (Globus Medical)

We’re familiar with GPS technology, and it’s safe to say the software tells the story. If you have data that is precise and current, everybody wins. That’s what makes the Excelsius GPS such an unmatched gem in the world of robotic spine surgery.

This robotic spine surgery guidance system provides the surgeon with a precise map of your body anatomy. Combined with the precision of the robotic arm, you can depend on everything going according to plan. Your surgeon knows each detail to avoid obstacles, greatly reducing surgery time and complications.

Imagine the Power of Two Robotic Spine Surgery’s Leading Tools

While either the Mazor X or the Excelsius GPS brings precision to any surgeon’s repertoire, having both is truly exceptional. Globally, only a few locations are offering the combination of these two robotic spine surgery leaders AND highly-trained, specialized expert surgeons. So, imagine the gift of going into your surgery knowing your chances of a superior outcome are as good as possible.

This incredible technology duo allows your surgeon to place everything precisely, from a scalpel to an implant. As a result, there is no second-guessing and no inability to plan each detail before incision.

 As a result, your surgery is much shorter, reducing your risk of complications. In addition, the robot means microscopic tools can be used, reducing the incision, which reduces the risk of infection and enhances fast healing and much less scarring. Robotic Spine Surgery is the cutting-edge for the very best in positive spinal outcomes.

Please contact DOCS Health for more information about robotic spine surgery.

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