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Why Do Joint Problems Flare Up When the Weather Changes? Los Angeles, CA
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People who suffer from joint problems have a tendency to accurately predict changes in the weather. This is not unusual and there is no magic involved, although researchers have not identified the exact connection.

It is generally accepted by doctors who work directly with patients that barometric pressure, rain, humidity and changes in temperature affect the joints. Winter weather is generally cited as the cause of flare ups; however, this is not true of every patient’s experiences.

Weather Impact on Joint Pain

Studies into the impact of weather on sufferers of joint conditions are not in short supply. Unfortunately, the conclusions of these studies have not produced clear answers that explain the connection between weather and joint pain flare ups.

This is mainly due to poor sample sizes and methodology in a lot of the studies surrounding the subject. Surveys that gather responses from participants do not provide a cause but, rather, are useful for documenting the shared experiences of those who suffer from joint conditions.

If a change in barometric pressure can affect joints, it is important to establish the link from a physiological point of view. There is a school of thought that suggests that nerves in a bone that is suffering from cartilage damage may register changes in weather. This would explain why those who suffer from conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis are more likely to report flare ups during weather changes.

Another reason that such conclusions may prove unreliable is the other factors related to weather and joint pain. When it is cold and miserable, most people tend to reduce outside activities. If you are more sedentary than usual, joints can seize up, which results in pain and inflammation. Therefore, it is not the weather causing the problem but a lack of exercise.

Relief from Joint Pain

Keeping warm is a great way to ease joint pain if you suffer more in cold weather. It is important to identify warming methods that work for you. Putting on additional clothes, taking hot baths and adjusting the thermostat for the weather are just some of the ways you can improve joint health.

You may need to discuss changes in your medication if pain becomes too much to bear when the weather changes. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may provide relief. When you are not constantly dealing with pain, you are more likely to stay active and stave off inflammation and stiffness in the joints.

Weight is another issue that can add to joint problems. It is not unusual for people who are suffering from reduced activity to gain weight. You can increase muscle and bone strength with a healthier diet. Sufferers of joint conditions are also encouraged to exercise, even if those activities are gentle and progress slowly.

Joint Pain Consultation

While shared experiences can bring comfort, relying on anecdotal health advice is not recommended. Orthopedic specialists understand the causes and symptoms of joint pain. At DOCS Health, we elevate patient care to new levels with medical innovations designed to treat complex conditions.

We can facilitate consultations with doctors who will understand your needs and create effective treatment plans. Every patient deserves to enjoy a full and eventful life – even when the weather takes a turn for the worst. If you find that any change in the elements causes a flare up in your joints, our team can help.

Contact DOCS Health today to learn more about our unique approach to bone health and treatment. We look forward to helping you enjoy the beauty of every season, regardless of all the other challenges you may face.

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