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Work and Lifestyles that are High-Impact on Orthopedic Health Los Angeles, CA
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What do your career and lifestyle say about you? People often consider what they do as a job or in their spare time as important parts of personal identity. However, there is sometimes a price to pay for doing the things that you love.

When it comes to work and lifestyle, orthopedic health may suffer. The very things that define you and pay the bills could result in the development of painful bone conditions. Some career paths and lifestyles are more detrimental than others, so it is important to ask yourself if you are taking care of your bone health.

Sports & Athletics

People who play a lot of sports are more likely to suffer from accidents and injuries that impact on orthopedic health. The constant wear-and-tear on joints from absorbing significant forces is also a factor in the development of diseases such as osteoarthritis in athletes.

If you are a sporting enthusiast, taking care of your bones and joints should be a primary concern. Any aches and pains that are persistent warrant investigation. At DOCS Health, we provide comprehensive examinations for sporting injuries and to monitor bone health.

Tobacco & Alcohol Use

Research into bone health suggests that smoking is a habit you should kick. Tobacco use can weaken bones, leaving you more susceptible to injuries and diseases of the joints. Drinking too much alcohol is also detrimental to bone health. It may only take one drink every day for women and two for men to increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Cutting down or eliminating these habits is good for overall health and well-being. Your bones will benefit in the long term, when age and natural wear-and-tear begin to impact on density. The last thing you need is to help conditions such as arthritis get a head start.

Dietary Concerns

A protein rich diet is generally recommended to help tissues and bones regenerate and repair after damage. If your diet is low in calcium, it can lead to lower bone density, which will leave you at risk of suffering injuries. Early bone loss is also a result of a low calcium diet and can increase your chances of suffering fractures.

Dairy products, green leafy vegetables and fish that are eaten with the bones are just some of the calcium rich foods you can add to your diet. If you are concerned about bone density or loss, DOCS Health can provide advice and any necessary treatment.

Heavy Lifting

Jobs that involve heavy lifting or other strenuous activities will have an impact on bone health over time. Industries including construction, warehousing, goods transporting, foresting and fisheries are all examples of careers that could take a toll on your bones. It is therefore important to take health and safety precautions, as well as using equipment that helps with heavy lifting.

Accidents in industries that involve strenuous activities or the use of heavy equipment are also common. You may suffer bone injuries that will later develop into conditions such as arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Office Work

Believe it or not, office work can affect your bone health in negative ways. Sitting in the same positions for hours at a time may impact on posture, joints, muscles and ligaments in several ways. Good ergonomics and the right office equipment are important for keeping your bones and joints healthy in this type of environment.

If you would like to learn more about how careers and lifestyles may affect your bone health, or for an orthopedic checkup, contact DOCS Health today. We offer healthcare in Los Angeles to patients from all over the country.

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