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Robotic technology has changed the outcomes of many types of surgeries, including spine surgery. Precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance when making delicate repairs to the spinal column, which is what robotics can improve. At DOCS Health, we are one of the few medical facilities in the world that have two of the most cutting-edge spinal surgery robotic systems, one of which is the Excelsius system. We are proud to offer Excelsius GPS (Globus Medical) robotic spine surgery at our medical center in Los Angeles.

The Excelsius GPS system utilizes advanced software and engineering to perform intricate spine surgery maneuvers that are guided by our stellar team of neuro-spine surgeon surgeons. The key benefit of this system is placement of implants during complex spine surgery. The 3D imaging software allows for exact placement of implants based on the patient’s unique physique. The imaging and precision of Excelsius GPS robotics can ensure each movement is performed to perfection for the best possible outcomes.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Robotic spine surgery has changed the possibilities for patients seeking relief from their painful spine condition. The accuracy of procedures like Excelsius GPS robotic spine surgery allow for smaller incisions, shorter surgeries, quicker recovery and less downtime. Spine surgeries that once required multiple days in the hospital and weeks of downtime are now much less invasive, with many patients going home with little time spent in the hospital. Minimally invasive spine surgery is not only more convenient for the patient, but it also means lower risks of infection and other complications that can occur with more invasive surgery methods.

With Excelsius GPS robotics, our spine surgeons can reduce surgery times, improve implant/screw placement accuracy and reduce radiation for our patients. The combination of the experience and expertise of our neurosurgeons and spine specialists with the best robotic technology in the world is what makes DOCS Health unique and one of the top surgical centers in our field.

If you are facing spine surgery, you want the best possible outcome. DOCS Health has top neuro-spine surgeon surgeons and the latest in robotic spine surgery technology to reduce risks and improve results for our patients. To learn more about Excelsius GPS (Globus Medical) robotic spine surgery, contact our medical facility in Beverly Hills for an appointment.