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Robotics have changed how intricate spine and other types of orthopedic surgeries are performed. Two of the top robotic options in spine surgery include the Excelsius GPS system by Globus Medical and Mazor X robot by Medtronic. At DOCS Health, we are one of the few medical facilities in the world that have both systems and utilize the benefits of both technologies for our patients. We offer Mazor X robotic spine surgery at our surgical center in Los Angeles, CA.

The Mazor X robot was the first to perform spine surgery back in 2004. While it was the first, it still is considered one of the best systems for accuracy and precision. With the Mazor X robot, spine surgery can be performed with up to 100% accuracy and precision. This tool gives our experienced neurosurgeons and spine specialists at DOCS Health the ability to perform intricate surgical repairs in the small spinal space. This includes inserting the tiny surgical screws that are often needed to stabilize components in the spine to reduce pain and other symptoms.

Minimally Invasive Robot-Assisted Spine Surgery

Robot-assisted spine surgery is usually minimally invasive. This means smaller incisions are used with less tissue damage, resulting in fewer risks for the patient and faster recovery times. With Mazor X robotic spine surgery, one of our neuro-spine surgeon surgeons controls the system but uses its software to help guide the robotic tools during the surgery. The expertise of our surgeons combined with the advanced technology of the Mazor X robot reduces risks and complications that can occur during any surgery. There is a higher success rate with robot-assisted spine surgeries due to the minimally invasive nature and precision of the procedures.

All our neuro-spine surgeon surgeons at DOCS Health are experienced and trained on both our robotic spine surgery systems. For many of our patients, robotic-assisted spine surgery is the safest and most effective option for repairing their spine and relieving their pain. If you are interested in learning more about Mazor X robotic surgery or any of our spine procedures, contact us at our medical center in Beverly Hills, CA.