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Khawar Siddique, MD, MBA Los Angeles, CA
Khawar Siddique, MD, MBA

Khawar Siddique, MD, MBA

Spine + disc replacement specialist

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Dr Siddique is a Board-Certified Neurosurgeon that specializes in outpatient spine surgery. He is a Founding Partner of DOCS Health, DOCS Surgery Center, and DOCS Surgical Hospital. His approach is simple: combine the best technologies plus the best surgeons for the best outcome. The vast majority of his patients do not need surgery. He only recommends an operation if he is willing to do the same procedure on himself or his family.

Dr Siddique has performed thousands of spine operations, including many difficult cases referred by other spine surgeons. He is an expert with cervical and lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery (ADR), microscopic spine surgery, and robotic/image guided spine surgery.