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5 Fun Office Exercises To Heal Your Back Pain Los Angeles, CA
Man Stretching Hands Sitting At Laptop Excercising Tired Of Working Or Studying At Home

Many of us spend a significant chunk of our lives trapped in an office or cubicle. We’re sitting for too long. We’re hunching too far forward. We’re stressing out too often. All of these things are big contributors to back pain.

We looked around for solutions and ran across five great – some of them hilarious – ways to work out kinks in your back while at work:


Think about how often you sit in front of your computer with your shoulders either curved forward or hunched up due to stress. Doing this chair dip recommended in a Washington Post article about work outs at work should relax your shoulders and even help to strengthen your core. Both are great ways to mellow out back pain.


Maintaining good blood circulation is one extremely critical element of maintaining a healthy back. “Raising the roof” will not only give your back muscles a mild stretch, it will get your blood circulating more, which could ease some of your tension.


The Post calls this move “Punching.” The motion is pretty self-explanatory, but what is great about this is the mild rotation of your spine. Do this slower than the animated guy is demonstrating, and make sure to breathe in when you reach the center, and out as you punch out in either direction. This is another great way to loosen up the muscles in your back!


There are several advantages of a walking for back pain:

  • It pries you out of your chair (since sitting for too long is making your back pain worse.
  • It gets blood circulating throughout your body — and back.
  • It is a de-stresser (back pain gets worse with stress).


This one works your shoulders like the chair dip, but is a little higher impact. We suggest a variation on this one: Stand up straight and pull back your elbows back to loosen your shoulders and stretch out your chest muscles. But do keep the part where you move your legs. It will relax your low back a bit.

Tried everything — office stretching, meds, exercise and a lot of other treatments — and still have serious back pain? Contact us online or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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