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Benefits of Arthroscopic Joint Surgery Los Angeles, CA
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When surgery is required on a joint, it is vital for the orthopedic surgeon to view and have access to the joint components. In the past, this almost always required a larger incision to open the joint and complete the surgery. Now, arthroscopic surgery offers a substantial advantage to repairing joints. Here are some of the benefits of arthroscopic surgery for repairing damaged joints.

Smaller Incisions

The most noticeable difference in arthroscopic surgery versus conventional open surgery is the size of the incisions. While multiple incisions may be needed, many are less than an inch across, easily covered by a standard bandage. This means smaller scars after the incisions have healed.

Less Tissue Damage

Arthroscopic surgery is performed with an arthroscope and specialized surgical tools that can access the joint through tiny incisions. This means less damage to the surrounding tissues and fewer risks of nerve or tissue damage. With less tissue cut to reach the joint, there is a faster recovery after surgery with less pain for the patient.

Improved Images

The high-definition digital cameras used with the arthroscope relay high-quality images and video to a large monitor. This close-up view gives the orthopedic surgeon the ability to complete precise and accurate surgical techniques that are required during intricate joint surgeries.

Fewer Surgical Risks

All surgeries come with risks, especially the risk of infection or excessive blood loss. With arthroscopic surgery, the smaller incision can greatly reduce these risks for the patient while also minimizing their post-surgery pain and healing time.

At DOCS Health in Los Angeles, we prefer using minimally-invasive options like arthroscopic surgery and arthroplasty when performing orthopedic or spine surgeries. Not only is there less risk and discomfort for our patients, but we can also achieve incredible results using this medical technology. If you are considering orthopedic or spine surgery, contact us to learn more about minimally-invasive options available at our state-of-the-art medical center.

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